Afl football field

What stadiums do the AFL own?

Current grounds

Ground Other/sponsored names Capacity
Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG The ‘G 100,024
Perth Stadium Optus Stadium (2018–present) 60,000
Docklands Stadium Colonial Stadium (2000–2002) Telstra Dome (2003–2008) Etihad Stadium (2009-2018) Marvel Stadium (2018–present) 56,347
Adelaide Oval 53,583

How big is a AFL football field?

The playing surface is oval in shape, 135m to 185m long and 110m to 155m wide . The preferred senior oval size is 165m x 135m as this provides the greatest flexibility to cater for all standards of play.

What are the AFL positions?

Australian rules football positions

B: back pocket fullback
C: wing centre
HF: half-forward flank centre half-forward
F: forward pocket full-forward
Foll: ruckman ruck rover

What is the biggest AFL stadium in Australia?

Melbourne Cricket Ground

What is the biggest stadium in the world?

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

How much do AFL tickets cost?

As of February 2019, AFL ticket prices can start at around $5 for kids, $18 for concession card holders and $27 for general admission (adult). Family tickets (two adults, two children) start from $54. All prices slightly vary from venue to venue. NRL ticket prices also vary depending on the venue.

What shape is an AFL football?


Are all AFL grounds the same size?

Australian rules football grounds , even at the highest level of the game, have no fixed dimensions . For senior football, the playing field is an oval , typically between 135–185 metres (148–202 yd) long goal-to-goal and 110–155 metres (120–170 yd) wide wing-to-wing.

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How far apart are football goal posts?

120 yards

How many steps can you take in AFL?

Rules. The rules of football state that a player running on the field with the ball must take a running bounce at least once every fifteen metres. If they run too far without taking a running bounce, the umpire pays a free kick for running too far to the opposition at the position where the player oversteps their limit

What is the most important position in AFL?

They also can be an alternate target for balls coming in to the forward line. Centre Half- Forward is often known as the hardest and most demanding position to play. The centre half- forward has to take good marks and kick good goals. They need to be strong but also have stamina to get the ball and kick a goal.

Who is best AFL player ever?

Five of the greatest AFL/VFL players WAYNE CAREY . Dubbed ‘the King’ during an imperious reign as the competition’s best player. JOHN COLEMAN . A brief career but everlasting impact. LEIGH MATTHEWS . Nicknamed ‘Lethal’ for his uncompromising style, a brilliant forward- midfielder who kicked 915 goals. Australian Associated Press.

What is the best stadium in Australia?

Australia’s Top 8 Sports Stadiums Optus Stadium , Perth. In 2019, Australian fans crowned Optus Stadium as the best stadium in the country on our stadium awards. Melbourne Cricket Ground . Suncorp Stadium , Brisbane. Adelaide Oval . Bankwest Stadium , Sydney. ANZ Stadium , Sydney. AAMI Park , Melbourne. Sydney Cricket Ground .

How many square meters is a AFL field?

20,233 square metres

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Does the AFL own Marvel Stadium?

Docklands Stadium , also known by naming rights sponsorship as Marvel Stadium , is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment stadium in the Docklands area of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Docklands Stadium .

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Owner Australian Football League


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