Afl junior football

How much does it cost to play junior AFL?

Registration 2021

AFL Pathway: Registration
(includes AFL NSW /ACT $62.50 and Moore Park Tigers Auskick Centre $232.50)
Juniors /Youth & Youth Girls (Under 9 to Under 18) Player Registration Fee – $375
(includes AFL NSW /ACT affiliation fee $54.00 and Moore Park Tigers $321.00)

How long is a junior AFL game?

Definitely not as long as an AFL or AFLW game ! The games are shorter to ensure that our participants stay engaged and enjoy the experience. Please contact your local Club/League for exact game lengths, but the game will generally be 4 quarters of approximately 12 minutes each.

What age can you play AFL?

Children can start playing NAB AFL Auskick in the year that they turn 5 . Children can participate in Auskick until they are 12 , however, some States and Territories have different pathway options.

Who can play AFL?

AFL is the Game for Everyone Australian Football is the sport for everyone. From NAB AFL Auskick to Junior Football and beyond, AFL is fun for all. So if you’re new to the game, want to play socially or hope to become an elite AFL sports star, you can find a version of football that’s right for you.

What age is under 11 football?

Under 11 – the player must have attained the age of 10 but must be under the age of 11 by midnight 31st August in the playing season if the format of football is 11v11. If the format provided is 9v9, the player must have attained the age of 9 but must be under 11 as at midnight on 31st August in the playing season.

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How much does it cost to play AFL?

If you want to play for a club or local school, registration will cost between $100 – $300 depending on age and location. This usually includes a uniform. If you want to play matches, you can join your school team or a local club. Leagues vary in how competitive or casual they are .

How old do u have to be to play football?

Many leagues introduce tackle football for players as young as 5 years old , but some organizations recommend measures to avoid head impacts until later ages. The brain is undergoing critical developmental processes during childhood and adolescence that may be compromised by repeated head hits.

What age does auskick go to?

No matter if you know the game or not, Auskick is inclusive for everyone aged 5 – 12 at any ability to play.

How many players are in a junior AFL team?

15 players

How do you get into AFL?

It’s as easy as completing the nomination form at If the player hasn’t yet turned 18, the nomination must be submitted by a parent or guardian. The AFL will then review the submission and, when approval has been granted, an email alert will be sent.

What is AFL 9’s?

McDonald’s AFL 9s is the AFL’s official social version of the game. It’s a fast, fun, free-flowing game that involves 9 players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it’s ‘touch football’ with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for everyone.

How do you play AFL for beginners?

Each AFL game consists of four 20-minute periods and the umpire starts each quarter by bouncing the ball in the centre circle. Once the ball is bounced, it is considered ‘in play ‘ and the players can contest possession. A player can score either a goal or a behind, with six points and one point awarded respectively.

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How many AFL players are there in total?

18 players apfca

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