Asian football confederation

What is the best football team in Asia?


Which country will host in 2023 Asian Football Cup?


Where is AFC based?

The AFC was officially formed on 7 May 1954 in Manila, Philippines. The main headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The current president is Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa of Bahrain.

Who is the head of the AFC?


Who is No 1 football team in world?

World Football / Soccer Rankings

Rk Team Rating
1 Brazil 2.40
2 France 2.23
3 Belgium 2.22
4 Spain 2.17

Who is the No 1 footballer in the world?

1. Lionel Messi — FC Barcelona. Lionel Messi has already been mentioned a lot in this article, even before we’ve reached him.

Which country will host 2022 women’s football World Cup?

Costa Rica

Where will the next World Cup be?

Travelling fans will have the opportunity to potentially attend more than one match a day during the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s group stage, which will feature four daily fixtures. November 21, Saturday, will mark exactly two years until the next FIFA World Cup in Qatar .

How do you qualify for AFC Champions League?

The top 12 associations in each region are eligible to enter the AFC Champions League. In each region, there are five groups in the group stage, including 16 direct slots, with the 4 remaining slots filled through qualifying play-offs (Article 3.2).

Are Vikings NFC or AFC?


Down arrow icon NFC NORTH Down arrow icon W Down arrow icon PF
Green Bay Packers xz* Packers xz* 13 509
Chicago Bears xy Bears xy 8 372
Minnesota Vikings Vikings 7 430
Detroit Lions Lions 5 377
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What does the A mean in AFC?

American Football Conference

Is AFC or NFC better?

In the end, the NFC is the better conference, as they have won three of the last four Super Bowls, and with two of those wins coming over Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, it’s clear the NFC can match anything the AFC has to offer.

Who has the worst record in the NFL 2020?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Who has the best record in the NFL 2020?

Week 19: Thursday January 14, 2021

Rank Team W
1 Kansas City 14-2 Pwr: 6 | Off: 6 | Def: 12 14
2 Buffalo 14-3 Pwr: 3 | Off: 1 | Def: 17 14
3 New Orleans 13-4 Pwr: 1 | Off: 4 | Def: 3 13
4 Green Bay 13-3 Pwr: 5 | Off: 3 | Def: 11 13

Who has the worst record in NFL?

Being the most-recently founded franchise in the NFL , the Houston Texans have recorded the fewest games played (304), wins (135), and losses (169); together with the Jacksonville Jaguars, they are the only teams yet to record a tie, as of the end of the 2020 NFL season. apfca

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