Australian football league rules

What are the basic rules of AFL?

Each AFL game consists of four 20-minute periods and the umpire starts each quarter by bouncing the ball in the centre circle. Once the ball is bounced, it is considered ‘in play’ and the players can contest possession. A player can score either a goal or a behind, with six points and one point awarded respectively.

How long is an Australian Rules football game?

20 minutes

How many players take the field in an Australian rules football team?

18 players

How many steps can you take in AFL?

Rules. The rules of football state that a player running on the field with the ball must take a running bounce at least once every fifteen metres. If they run too far without taking a running bounce, the umpire pays a free kick for running too far to the opposition at the position where the player oversteps their limit

What is the 666 rule in AFL?

6-6-6 starting positions . The other major rule change is the mandatory alignment of teams at centre bounces, requiring them to have six defenders and six forwards within each arc, and six midfielders between the arcs.

What is an illegal tackle in AFL?

A player tackled having had prior opportunity to make a legal disposal and has the ball pinned to him shall be deemed to be holding the ball and a free kick awarded. If a teammate of the tackling player joins the tackle , this shall be considered an illegal tackle and a free kick awarded to the tackled player.

What is Australian football called?

Australian rules football

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Who is the best Australian rules football player?

10 greatest AFL players of all time 1 Leigh Matthews. Clubs: Hawthorn. Position: Midfield or forward. 3 Gary Ablett Senior . Clubs: Hawthorn, Geelong. Position: Wing or full forward. 5 Wayne Carey. Clubs: North Melbourne, Adelaide. 9 Graham “Polly” Farmer. Clubs: Geelong. 10 John Coleman. Clubs: Essendon.

Why is an AFL goal worth 6 points?

To remove the need for a player count after each goal , and with the evolution of set positions for players, it was decided to reward each goal with a fixed total of one point for each of the six defenders. This also allowed for the intoduction of the behind, set at one point . Simple.

How big is Aussie Rules pitch?

The playing surface is oval in shape, 135m to 185m long and 110m to 155m wide . The preferred senior oval size is 165m x 135m as this provides the greatest flexibility to cater for all standards of play.

Can you tackle in AFL?

Players are allowed to tackle the player with the ball and impede opposition players from tackling their teammates (known as shepherding), but not to deliberately strike an opponent (though pushing the margins of these rules is often a substantial part of the game).

What is the most popular sport in Australia?


Can you kick the ball to yourself in AFL?

The player must kick the ball out to restart play. You may observe, however, that there is no rule preventing him from kicking the ball to himself .

How far can you run in AFL without bouncing the ball?

RUNNING WITH THE BALL Players can run with the ball . They must bounce the ball , similar to how basketball players must bounce when they run down the court, but AFL players do not need to bounce the ball for every step – they only need to bounce the ball once per 15 metres that they run . apfca

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