Austrian football team

How many teams are in the Austrian Bundesliga?


Who is the captain of Austria?

Юлиан Баумгартлингер

What is the name of the Austrian Football League?

Tipico Bundesliga

Where is the soccer team LASK from?

Австрия Линц, Австрия

Does Redbull own Salzburg?

In 2005, Red Bull Salzburg bought Austria Salzburg and changed its name to Red Bull and colours to red and white from violet, in accordance with the Austrian league rules. In 2009, Red Bull bought the league and naming rights to fifth division side SSV Markranstadt, who played eight miles outside of Leipzig.

How does Austrian Bundesliga work?

The league expanded from 10 to 12 teams. A new format was introduced this season, under which the league is split into a championship round and a relegation round after 22 matches.

Which country is Salzburg football club?


What league is Rapid Vienna?

UEFA Europa League Austrian Football Bundesliga Austrian Cup

Which league is LASK?

Austrian Football Bundesliga

Which country is Zorya?


Is Lask a word?

Lask Lask , n. A diarrhea or flux.

Where is ludogorets?

Professional Football Club Ludogorets 1945 Razgrad (Bulgarian: Професионален Футболен Клуб „Лудогорец” 1945 Разград), commonly known as Ludogorets Razgrad or simply Ludogorets, is a Bulgarian professional association football club founded in 1945 based in Razgrad which currently competes in the First Professional apfca

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