Best football boots for wide feet

Which Nike boots are best for wide feet?

Nike Premier II FG Timeless performance in a stretchable, premium leather upper that offers out-of-the-box comfort for wide /flat footed players. One of our Resident Boot Nerd’s all-time favourites, the Nike Premier 2.0 can do very little wrong.

Are Adidas Predators good for wide feet?

adidas Predator 20.1 Low The latest generation has thankfully brought back the silo’s identity – and they’re also great for players with wide feet .

Is Nike Mercurial good for wide feet?

Most likely no, the Mercurial last (how wide the boot is) is notoriously known to be narrow fitting, however wide footed players can squeeze in and a little stretch will be experienced but don’t expect the most forgiving fit width wise.

Are Nike or Adidas better for wide feet?

Generally, adidas running shoes are quite snug and have narrow toe box. Nike running shoes has more generous toes box than adidas which is an advantage to people with wider foot .

Are Adidas wider than Nike?

Adidas is seen to run true to size. Whereas, Nike shoes run a half size smaller. Therefore, you should get a size up when buying Nike shoes.

Is Nike Tiempo good for wide feet?

Nike Tiempo Legend – This Nike line is great for people with wider feet . These cleats are both made of kangaroo leather and in addition to that come with some new Nike technology gadgets. I played my last soccer season on these cleats and they are not only a perfect fit for my wider feet , but they also look good .

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Are Adidas Nemeziz for wide feet?

The Nemeziz comes in both laceless (18+) and laced (18.1) options so you really can’t go wrong regardless of your preference. Typically wide players and attack minded players prefer the Nemeziz , but it is a versatile cleat that would be at home on any wide foot regardless of position.

Do I have wide feet?

Use a ruler to measure the width of the widest part of your traced foot . Write down the measurements for both your left and right foot . Subtract 1/8″ from the larger number and record this value as your width. Look above to the sizing charts to see if your feet are narrow, average or wide .

Is Nike Phantom GT good for wide feet?

The Phantom GT can accomodate wide – feet players given the stretch of the Flyknit upper and the lack of structure-reinforcing technology like Quadfit or Flywire.

Are Nike Hypervenom good for wide feet?

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Both boots are very accommodating width wise, someone we duly noted in our recent Hypervenom II review. Nike has definitely tailored the fit to suit a wider variety of players.

How do Nike Mercurials fit?

The Mercurial Vapor 13 feels much softer and is more forgiving to your feet. Notice how narrow the boot looks. Fit -wise, it accommodates slim footed players. It just barely fits those with moderate width feet, like myself.

What are the most comfortable football boots?

What are the most comfortable football boots in 2020? adidas Copa Mundial. Compare Prices > Puma Future 5.1. Compare Prices > Image from Puma. Mizuno Morelia 2 MIJ. Compare Prices > Image from Pro:Direct Soccer. New Balance Tekela v2. Compare Prices > Image from New Balance. Nike Premier II. Compare Prices > Image from Nike .

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Are Adidas more comfortable than Nike?

I chose to wear Nike’s on the way home, and I got to conclude from that, that Nike Air, for me, is more comfortable and more supportive than the adidas Boost.

Are Adidas wide or narrow?

Adidas are naturally wide , so your feet automatically have more room to roam free. Get this style on Amazon for $45+ (available in sizes 5–11).

How do you get rid of wide feet?

Often, there’s not much you can do to make your foot appear slimmer. Wearing narrow, tight shoes will only worsen the problem. If you have flat arches, special insoles may make your foot appear thinner while giving you support. In some cases, losing weight or reducing swelling may also help your feet look narrower. apfca

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