Collingwood football club phone number

How do I contact Collingwood Football Club?

Support 1300 MAGPIE ( 624 743 ) 1300 624 743 . Email. FAQ.

Who is number 37 Collingwood?

Brayden Maynard

How many members do Collingwood have 2020?

Current Membership Numbers

Club 2019 Members 2020 Members
Carlton 64,269 67,000
Collingwood 85,226 ?
Essendon 84,237 68,197
Fremantle 51,431 47,069

Who wore 49 for Collingwood?

Heath Shephard

How many supporters does Richmond have?

“The biggest winners in terms of increasing their support are clubs that had successful seasons in 2019 including reigning Premiers Richmond who increased their support by 61,000 to 514,000 and are the third most widely supported club in Victoria.

Who is on the top of the ladder in AFL?

Port Adelaide narrowly finished top of the 2020 AFL table equal on 14 wins and 56 points with the second-ranked Brisbane Lions. Port just secured the top spot on Points For (1185) with one more than the Lions (1184). 2020 AFL Ladder .

Team Port Adelaide
PF 1185
PA 869
PP 136.4
Pts 56

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Who has played the most games for Collingwood?

Games Records

Most Career Games
316* Scott Pendlebury
313 Tony Shaw
306 Gordon Coventry
277 Wayne Richardson

Where is Isaac Quaynor from?

Melbourne, Australia

What is the richest AFL team?

The top earning AFL club in 2019 was the West Coast Eagles with 102m. Richmond came in second with $92 million.

What is the most liked AFL team?

Roy Morgan Research has confirmed the Swans are once again the most widely supported AFL team in Australia in 2020, with 1.052 million fans. The impressive numbers eclipse the second most popular club, Collingwood , with the Magpies having 726,000 supporters.

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Why is Collingwood hated?

But how did Collingwood end up being the most reviled (and, by its fans, the most intensely loved) football club in the land? There are several common explanations: Eddie McGuire’s ham-fisted and offensive media forays, the club’s “feral” fan base, and events like the infamous Nicky Winmar incident at Victoria Park.

Who is number 31 Collingwood?

Flynn Appleby

Will Kelly injury?

COLLINGWOOD forward Will Kelly could miss the rest of the season after scans revealed he suffered a fracture above his left elbow that marred an otherwise promising debut. Kelly landed awkwardly from a marking contest in the final quarter of the Magpies’ 32-point defeat of Hawthorn at Giants Stadium on Friday night.

How old is Will Kelly?

20 years (August 16, 2000) apfca

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