Egypt football

Who is the best player in Egypt?

Mohamed Aboutrika

Did Egypt ever win the World Cup?

Egypt have qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals on three occasions, in 1934, 1990 and 2018. With 2 draws and 5 losses, Egypt has never won a match in the World Cup finals. In 1934 Egypt became the first African team to play in the World Cup finals.

What is the famous sport in Egypt?


How many times Egypt appear in World Cup?

Despite their respectable continental record, Egypt has so far made only three appearances in the World Cup (in 1934, 1990 and 2018). The Egyptian team was the first non-European nor American team to qualify for the World Cup .

Who is Egypt captain?

Abdallah Said

What was the first country from Africa to qualify?

Three months earlier, Zaire had become the first Sub-Saharan African nation to qualify to the FIFA World Cup.

What language is spoken in Egypt?

Modern Standard Arabic

Why is Egypt famous?

Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s most famous monuments, including the Giza pyramids, the Great Sphinx and the ancient temples of Luxor dating back thousands of years.

What is the famous food in Egypt?

Below is a list of the most delicious and popular dishes served up in Egypt today. 1 – Ful Medames & Ta’ameya. 2 – Kushari . 3 – Mulukhiyah. 4 – Mahshi. 5 – Moussaka. 6 – Shish Kabab & Kofta . 7 – Fattah. 8 – Hawawshi.

Is Egypt a part of Africa?

Although Egypt sits in the north of the African continent it is considered by many to be a Middle Eastern country, partly because the main spoken language there is Egyptian Arabic, the main religion is Islam and it is a member of the Arab League.

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Who won most ICC World Cups?

England cricket team

What is the national drink of Egypt?

Tea apfca

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