Football pools

Do the football pools still exist?

Nowadays, the pools have been shunted aside in favour of bigger cash prize games. However you can still do the football pools although Littlewoods were swallowed up by Vernons – and now it’s just The Football Pools .

How do you play the football pools?

The current Classic Pools game, based on the old Treble Chance game, uses a scoring scheme which awards three points to score draws (matches where both team scored the same, strictly positive, number of goals), two points to no-score draws (matches where neither team scored a goal) and one point to both home wins (

How much can you win on the football pools?

But it still attracts around 750,000 players, and many more play spin-off games such as Footy 15 or Premier 10. The New Football Pools offers a maximum jackpot of £3 million. There are so many variables, such as results and the number of players, that the Pools refuses to quote your chances of winning the jackpot.

What does pools mean in football?

The football pools are a chance for people to place what is essentially a large accumulator bet on the results of football matches. The pools require you to select 10, 11 or 12 matches on your coupon and for you to be successful you need to pick 8 games that finish as a 2-2 draw or greater to win.

How do you know if you won a football pool?

The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each teams’ score, and then matching those numbers on the grid and seeing which square intersects those two numbers. The square on the grid that has the AFC with a number of 3, and NFC score of 4, would be the winner.

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Where was Vernons Pools in Liverpool?

Vernon’s Pools HQ, Ormskirk Rd, Aintree | Liverpool history, Liverpool city, Liverpool life.

What are the best numbers to have in a football pool?

A box containing 3,0 — the most frequent final score for a playoff game — gives you a high probability of snaring the grand prize. Setting aside order and timing, the absolute best numbers to have are no surprise: zero and seven. The worst is two.

How many squares are on a football pool?

100 squares

How do you calculate winning in pool?

You can then calculate your winning as follows: Multiply your winning lines by the amount staked per line. 10 multiplied by 25 = 250. Where: Winning = 10 x 40 x 500 = 10000. More examples. That same week, you staked 6 numbers expecting a minimum of 3 draws, with N1200.

Where does the home team go on a football pool?

Football squares are usually played in college football bowl games, NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl . Create a 10-by-10 grid on a sturdy piece of paper and write the name of the home team on the top line and the name of the visiting team down the left side of the grid.

How do I cancel football pools?

If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when The Football Pools Ltd asks you to. You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. apfca

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