Football stadium fire

What football stadium went on fire?

Bradford City stadium fire

What caused the Bradford stadium fire?

The fire started five minutes before half-time during the match on 11 May between Bradford and Lincoln City . It was later established that the blaze was caused by a fan who went to put his cigarette out but dropped it between the floorboards onto a pile of rubbish that had been building up below.

Did the man on fire at Bradford survive?

Australian Eric Bennett, now deceased, named as the man The blaze ripped through the wooden structure in just a few minutes as Bradford City played Lincoln City in an end-of-season match, leaving many fans unable to get out.

What year was the Bradford football fire?

How many died at Hillsborough?

96 deaths

What year was the Hillsborough disaster?

April 15, 1989

Who started the Bradford City fire?

It is alleged an Australian man called Eric Bennett accidentally sparked the tragic blaze at Valley Parade 30 years ago yesterday. But a decision was made at the time of the disaster on May 11, 1985 by West Yorkshire Police not to release his name.

What is Bradford City stadium called?

Bradford City Ticket Office

What is the capacity of Valley Parade?

25,136 apfca

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