French national football team

Who plays for France football team?

Squad France

# player Market value
11 Kingsley Coman K. Coman Left Winger €40.00m
22 Marcus Thuram M. Thuram Left Winger €40.00m
7 Antoine Griezmann A. Griezmann Second Striker €60.00m
10 Kylian Mbappé K. Mbappé Centre-Forward €180.00m

Who is the best player in France national team?

Thierry Henry (123 caps, 51 goals) is the national team’s all-time leading goalscorer.

When did France win the World Cup?


Who is the most capped French footballer?

Records Lilian Thuram is the most-capped French international having appeared in 142 matches over the course of a record 14-year career. Hugo Lloris has captained the France national football team a record 96 times. Thierry Henry is France’s record goalscorer and appeared in four FIFA World Cup tournaments.

Who is the best French striker?

Players Thierry Henry (51 goals) is the all-time leading goalscorer of the national team. Michel Platini (41 goals) captained France to victory at UEFA Euro 1984. Laurent Blanc (16 goals) is the highest-scoring defender in national team history.

Who is the best French footballer of all time?

Zinedine Zidane

Who is the best football player?

Patrick Mahomes. QB | Chiefs. Age: 24. 2019 rank: 2. Aaron Donald. DT | Rams. Age: 29. 2019 rank: 1. Lamar Jackson. QB | Ravens. Age: 23. Russell Wilson. QB | Seahawks. Age: 31. Michael Thomas. WR | Saints. Age: 27. Christian McCaffrey. RB | Panthers. Age: 25. Stephon Gilmore. CB | Patriots. Age: 29. DeAndre Hopkins. WR | Cardinals. Age: 28.

Who is the captain of the French soccer team?

Hugo Lloris

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Does Benzema play for France?

Benzema has six goals and three assists from eleven appearances for Los Blancos so far this season. Last year, he registered 27 goals and 11 assists in 48 games. Karim Benzema won’t play for France again as long as Didier Deschamps is in charge.

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How much did France get for winning the World Cup?

France just won the World Cup and will take $38 million home in prize money—here’s how much the other teams will make. On Sunday, France defeated Croatia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This means Les Bleus will take home $38 million in prize money, and Croatia will take home $28 million in prize money.

Which country has won the World Cup the most?


Who found France?

The medieval Kingdom of France emerged from the western part of Charlemagne’s Carolingian Empire, known as West Francia, and achieved increasing prominence under the rule of the House of Capet, founded by Hugh Capet in 987.

Who plays left back for France?


Name D. o. B. Position
Digne, Lucas 1993-07-20 Left Back
Rami, Adil 1985-12-27 Centre Back
Mendy , Benjamin 1994-07-17 Left Back

Who is France’s right back?

Squad France

# player Market value
21 Lucas Hernández L. Hernández Left- Back £45.00m
19 Lucas Digne L. Digne Left- Back £29.70m
2 Benjamin Pavard B. Pavard Right – Back £40.50m
20 Léo Dubois L. Dubois Right – Back £12.60m


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