Italian football league table

Who tops Serie A table?

Serie A Table & Standings

Pos Team Form
1 Milan W L W W W
2 Inter D L W W W
3 Roma D W W W L
4 Juventus W W W L W

4 дня назад

Who is top of the Italian league?

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# Team Pts
1 AC Milan 40
2 Inter Milan 37
3 Roma 34
4 Juventus 33

3 дня назад

Who won Italian Serie A 2020?

Paulo Dybala

Who won Serie A 2019?


Who is the top goal scorer in 2020?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is the highest goal scorer in the world?

With the help of data from RSSSF, Goal runs down a list of the top goalscorers in all official competitions in the history of the beautiful game. #7 Gerd Muller | 735 goals. #6 Lionel Messi | 746 goals. #5 Ferenc Puskas | 746 goals. #4 Pele | 767 goals. #3 Romario | 772 goals. #2 Cristiano Ronaldo | 777 goals. Wikipedia. 4 дня назад

Who is the best player in Italian Serie A?

Paulo Dybala has beaten Juventus team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo to this season’s Serie A Player of the Year award. Lega Serie A announced Dybala as the winner of the annual prize on Tuesday, with Ronaldo failing to retain the title he won in his first year at the Allianz Stadium.

Who has won the most league titles in Italy?


Why do Serie A players have red paint?

Serie A wanted to show their support to all the women who suffer or who have suffered this type of violence. In the Atalanta v Juventus game, the players and the referee had a red mark across their face to raise awareness.

Who is the current manager of Juventus?

Andrea Pirlo

Who won the Italian Football League?

Juventus F.C. 36th title

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Who is the best player in Serie A 2020?

Total minutes played

Pos. Player Total
1 Juan Musso | Udinese 3420
Thomas Strakosha | Lazio 3420
2 Lukasz Skorupski | Bolonia 3330

Who won most Serie titles?

Juventus FC

How many times have Juventus won the league in a row?

Juventus owns Italy, winning 9 straight league titles in row .

Who won the most Bundesliga titles?

Bayern Munich apfca

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