Port adelaide football club roster

Who is Port Adelaide captain 2020?

Tom Jonas

Who is number 21 for Port Adelaide?

Xavier Duursma

How many members do Port Adelaide have?

Port Adelaide’s AFL audited member number in 2020 finished at 46,820, down 5,131 (10.3%) from 50,951 in 2019. Port Adelaide chief executive Keith Thomas thanked the entire club membership base for their support in such a challenging year.

How much is a port Power membership?

Port Adelaide’s 2018 Memberships are on sale now. In keeping with its goal of offering Port Adelaide supporters great value through its Adelaide Oval membership packages, the club has retained its long-standing 11-game membership at $200 per year (or $20 a month over 10 months).

Who is on the top of the ladder in AFL?

2020 AFL Ladder

Pos Team Pts
1 Port Adelaide 56
2 Brisbane Lions 56
3 Richmond 50
4 Geelong 48

Who is the captain of St Kilda?

Jarryn Geary

How tall is Charlie Dixon?

2 m

Who is number 38 for Port Adelaide?

Peter Ladhams

Who is Port Adelaide coach?

Ken Hinkley Head coach Michael Voss Assistant Coach

Why is Port Adelaide called the pear?

It serves coffee and locally baked treats from the couple’s home in Sussex St, near the train station. Anthoney, chief executive of Festivals Adelaide , said the Pear – named after popular Port Adelaide Football club saying “Carn the Pear ” – was a “neighbour-led” initiative.

Who won Port Adelaide Best and Fairest 2020?


How many wooden spoons have Port Adelaide won?

The highest percentage recorded by a wooden spoon team was by South Melbourne, with 91.3% in 1922. Port Adelaide is the only team to have not yet been awarded a wooden spoon . Melbourne in 1997 is the first (and currently only) wooden spoon team to win both their first and last matches of the home-and-away season.

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What are Port Adelaide Colours?

Black White Teal Silver

When did Port Adelaide start?


Why is Port Adelaide not playing?

The reserve sides of Port Adelaide and Adelaide have been barred from playing the SANFL this season because the AFL’s COVID-19 restrictions. Port Adelaide supporters say the team has faced widespread prejudice since its 1990 AFL bid. apfca

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