Sec football standings

Who is ranked number one in the SEC?


1 Alabama 11-0
2 Clemson 10-1
3 Ohio State 6-0
4 Notre Dame 10-1

Who has the hardest schedule in the SEC?

The FPI has ranked strength of schedule for all the FBS teams playing this fall. The 14 SEC teams nearly occupied the top 14 toughest schedules . Nationally, Florida checked in at No. ESPN ranks SEC’s toughest schedules for 2020 Auburn. Kentucky. Texas A&M. Alabama. Vanderbilt. LSU. Georgia. Florida.

Who won SEC East 2020?

Florida Gators

How many SEC teams are undefeated?

four SEC teams

Who are the top 10 in the SEC?

1 spot: No. 1 — Alabama. No. 2 — Texas A&M. No. 3 — Georgia. No. 7 — LSU. No. 11 — Auburn. No. 14 — Tennessee. No. 16 — South Carolina. No. 17 — Arkansas.

What is OU ranked now?

Oklahoma ranked No. 3 in USA TODAY Sports early Top 25 for 2021. USA TODAY Sports has released its early look at the Top 25 for the 2021 college football season, and Oklahoma came in at No.

Who has the toughest football schedule?

Ranking College Football’s Top 25 Toughest Schedules for 2020 USC. Likely preseason No. Michigan State. Opening the season with a dangerous Big Ten crossover matchup against Northwestern sets the tone for a treacherous slate in Mel Tucker’s debut campaign. Oregon. Georgia Tech. BYU. Arkansas. Nebraska. South Carolina.

Which college football team has the easiest schedule?

The five easiest overall: BYU. Miami. Virginia Tech. Syracuse. Duke.

Who has the easiest schedule in the SEC?

1. Florida. The Gators have the easiest SEC schedule as they are one of three teams in the conference who don’t have to play Alabama in 2020. Also, Florida only plays two truly tough games on the road which are at Tennessee and Texas A&M.

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Who is number 1 in college football?


1 Alabama (61) 13-0
2 Ohio State 7-1
3 Clemson 10-2

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Who won SEC Player of the Year 2020?

Immanuel Quickley

What does ACC stand for in football?

Atlantic Coast Conference

What is the best SEC school?

University of South Carolina: 118 (tie) University of Missouri : 124 (tie) University of Kentucky: 133 (tie) University of Alabama : 143 (tie) Louisiana State University —Baton Rouge: 153 (tie) University of Arkansas: 160 (tie) University of Mississippi : 160 (tie) Mississippi State University : 206 (tie)

Who is in first place in football?


1 Football Team Y .438
2 Giants .375
3 Cowboys .375
4 Eagles .281

Who has the most national championships in the SEC football?

Ranking SEC teams by national championships TEXAS A&M. AUBURN. TENNESSEE. ALABAMA. GEORGIA. FLORIDA. Of the Gators’ 32 titles, there are six in women’s tennis and three in football , including the 2006 season. ARKANSAS. Of the Razorbacks 44 titles, there are 30 in men’s track. LSU. The Tigers lead the SEC with 45 national titles, including 25 in women’s track. apfca

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