Sherrin afl football

What size is a full size Sherrin?

Size 5

What is a Sherrin football made out of?

It was the first ball designed specifically for the sport. Sherrin footballs are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia from cow hide lined and machine-stitched, but other sized models are often made in India or China, using synthetic rubber.

Who is TW Sherrin?

T.W. Sherrin was the famous manufacturer of footballs, and he was not only a founding member of the Collingwood Football Club, he was also the club’s first No. 1 ticketholder. He served on the committee for two decades from the foundation of the club until his death in 1912.

What Colour is an AFL ball?


What size is a normal AFL football?

size 5

What size is a size 2 football?

Football Size Chart

Football Type Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
Size 3 580 – 600 184 – 190
Size 2 470 150
Size 1 420 130
Size 0 (Mini) 350 110

Who invented AFL football?

inventor Tom Wills

What shape is an AFL ball?


What does Sherrin mean?

English: habitational name from Sheering in Essex, probably so called from an unattested Old English personal name, Scear(a), + the suffix -ingas, meaning ‘people, family, or followers of’.

What was the first AFL football made out of?

First Official game of Australian Rules Football is played with an English- made Rugby Ball.

How much does an AFL football weigh?

16 oz

Where are Burley footballs made?


What two colors of football are used in AFL?

The subtle shift accelerated when the AFL introduced a rule in 2012 directing the iconic red Sherrin be used for games that began before 3pm, and the yellow Sherrin for those that started after that time.

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Does Kmart sell AFL merchandise?

Football | AFL Footballs, Ball Pumps & Mouthguards | Kmart . apfca

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