The football factory movie

Is The Football Factory on Netflix?

Watch The Football Factory on Netflix Today!

Is the football factory a true story?

The Football Factory is based on the novel of the same name by John King, which tells of a dissolute Chelsea follower who lives for violence and is bored by everything else. This is the story of a man approaching 30 who is still seduced by the youthful pursuit of instant gratification.

Is football factory on Amazon Prime?

Watch Football Factory | Prime Video.

Where was football factory filmed?

This was a shot taken from Ivy Point, Bow, E3, with Devons Road running beneath the railway. Camera crews filming a big fight in Bermondsey giving us the best glimpse of one of the viaducts in the area. This and the following shots were taken from The Making of The Football Factory featurette.

Who directed football factory?

Nick Love

Who Killed Zebedee in football factory?

The guy who kills Zebedee is a drug dealer he beat up earlier. It’s revenge for getting out of control; a reminder of the violent life he chose and how it was always going to end up here. And Tommy sees it happen.

Who wrote football factory?

John King

How old is Danny Dyer?

43 years (July 24, 1977) apfca

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