What We Do




The APFCA membership is committed to supporting sound decision-making by local, regional and global football bodies through the provision of timely, comprehensive and accurate information on the state of professional football in Australia and the priorities and concerns of professional clubs.


The APFCA is committed to consulting across its diverse ecosystem of stakeholders (e.g. club members, ticket holders, commercial partners, infrastructure partners, club owners, club employees, government entities, football bodies, media) to provide actionable insights into the trends, challenges and opportunities affecting the professional game and football in Australia.


The APFCA is committed to expanding cooperation between the A-League Clubs, the FFA, key stakeholders such as the PFA and Member Federations, and international football bodies such as FIFA and the AFC, in order to preserve and strengthen the quality of Australian professional football and the growth of the sport at all levels.


The APFCA is committed to advocating for the interests of its members, the professional football clubs of Australia, in discussions with the FFA and other football stakeholders such as FIFA and the AFC, in order to support the long-term growth, success and sustainability of the professional game and the sport as a whole in Australia.